An “Eureka” Moment


To be honest, I’ve just about given up on starting a blog. After three failed attempts on three different blog sites, I decided that commitment just wasn’t my thing. Or maybe that’s just an excuse for something else: my piteously low self-esteem. What is no one reads it? What’s the point of revealing my messy and often messed up thoughts to the ominous internet if I’m only talking to myself? Isn’t that what a diary is for? Anyhow, with all these stupid, insecure questions swarming my stupid, insecure head, I’m put off blogging again and again. Until now.

So why now? Well, here’s a little background. I’m a nineteen year old journalism student at NYU. I completed my freshmen year in May, but I won’t be returning to New York till January because I have to undergo a minor surgery that requires a whooping three-month recovery period. But more on that later. I’m female, 5’3 and quite obviously Asian. I have very typical teenage hobbies like binge-sleeping, binge-eating, binge-gossiping, binge-social-networking, binge-watching (mostly trashy) shows on Netflix, and binge-sleeping some more. So all in all, very ordinary.

But here’s the thing I didn’t quite realize until now: ordinary doesn’t mean boring. When you think about it, very few people are truly boring. Our responsibilities and hobbies all appear the same after a while, but our stories are different. The way I see it, life doesn’t give you lemons. It is a lemon. You’ve gotta squeeze the hell out of that shit to find any small residue of goodness. But it’s all there, within that layer of ordinariness. If I try hard enough, I know I can squeeze something out of my very unexceptional existence. Call me vain if you want, but I wasn’t going to let this moment of epiphany go to waste. I wanna find the cool in the dull, the insightful in the mundane. That’s why I want to start blogging again. To really start. And this time neither laziness nor insecurity is going to stop me again. I hope not, anyway.

So with each blog post I’ll try to squeeze out some quirky insight out of mundane occurrences. And if anything happens to pique your interest, feel free to follow along as I courageously attempt to navigate the labyrinth of teenage troubles and college life.

Thanks for reading!


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