15 Things I’d Get Away With if I Were a Dude


I’ve been lying in bed for three hours and sleep is just not happening, so here’s a spontaneous post about the struggles of being a girl.

1. Not shaving

2. Nip-slipping

3. Wearing the same outfit two or more days in a row

4. Acne

5. Being shirtless anywhere and everywhere

6. Not Remembering any anniversaries (month, year, first kiss, first time, marriage etc.)

7. Worshipping 4chan for releasing the nudes of JLaw and co.

8. Worshipping George R.R. Martin for his disturbingly chauvinistic rape scenes

9. Watching tentacle porn

10. Masturbating to tentacle porn

11. Two-timing without being slut-shamed

12. Wearing low-riding pants without being slut-shamed

13. Hooking up with multiple people at a party without being slut-shamed

14. Subscribing to How to Basic on Youtube

15. Mocking feminism

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