Throwback Thursday: Road Trips

Throwback Thursday

I’m currently in San Francisco right now with my mother and grandparents. Mom decided to take us on this spontaneous road trip and yesterday drove over eight hours to from our home in Irvine to Monterey. This morning she drove an hour and a half to San Fran. I swear, my mother is only half human. Anyhow, road trips have become less frequent as I got older. This is my third time visiting San Fran (second time this year) and my third road trip in the last three years…from age 7-14 I’ve probably been on over twenty road trips. Five or six years ago, back when I still lived in the beautiful New Zealand, I’d consider myself an outdoor, adventurous person. My parents once drove us nine hours from Auckland to Wellington, stopping at a dozen different cities across the North Island, then took the ferry to the South Island, and drove from Nelson to Christchurch (before it was bombarded by a bunch of earthquakes) to Queenstown and everything in between before circling all the way back home. We spent two weeks on the road.

That was almost seven years ago when I was freaking thirteen. Now I’m about to graduate from teenage-hood. And you probably can’t find many similarities between the person I was then and the one I am now. The last few years I probably spent 75 to 80 percent of my time indoors, abusing my eyes with too much technology. Nature just lost its appeal. When people ask me if I miss New Zealand and the great outdoors, I almost unhesitatingly say no, simply because that period of my life is so different from the current one that it’s hard to think of those memories as my own. Even on this road trip, the magnificent coastlines and grasslands and vineyards on the road didn’t affect nearly as much as the quirky houses and steep intersections of downtown San Fran. The things fascinate me are artificial and dynamic. The wild, no matter how beautiful and liberating, just doesn’t speak to me in the same way it did seven or eight years ago. Concrete fascinates me more than grass or water or rocks. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. People change and so do experiences. Maybe one day I’ll fall in love with the outdoors again, but right now I’m content being a city girl.


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