Time = Money?

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Ready, Set, Done

Our free-write is back by popular demand: today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

Free-writes always make me nervous, mostly because I’m allergic to disorganized thinking and clumsy writing. But I suppose that’s the whole point of unpremeditated writing, so fuck it. This one goes to my friend Julie. Thanks for the idea.

We’ve all seen shitty movies before. Horribly acted, scripted, directed bull-crap that cost us $12 (slightly lower or higher depending on where you live) and 120 precious minutes of our lives. After the movie, when we cuss at ourselves for making such a stupid fucking decision to watch such a dreadful movie, are we lamenting on the lost time or the lost money? Both, you probably think. You’d probably say, “Fuck, that was such a waste of time and money.” But is that completely true? We spend those 12 dollars to watch a movie. That is, to sit down in a chair inside the theater and absorb whatever the big screen shows us. The quality of the film is not guaranteed in those 12 dollars. Think about it this way: if money = quality, then why are Oscar nominated films the same price as sappy, shitty Rom-Coms? Money only buys us a chance to enjoy or hate whatever it is we watch. Time, on the other hand, buys us the experience. If a movie is bad, we waste 120 minutes hating the living hell of out it and thinking of all the other less shitty things we could be doing instead. If a movie is good, we feel satisfied, emotionally charged, intellectually stimulated. We maybe even walk out as changed people. In other words, 120 minutes well spent.

So if we put into perspective everything that I just said (which may or may not have made sense), the money we spent got us exactly what we asked for – a seat in the movie theater. Regardless of the quality of a movie, those 12 dollars were not wasted in the sense that it gave us what it was supposed to. But time is linked to our experience of a movie, which is often overwhelming and unpredictable. I think what’s most precious to us if what we get out of the time gone by; lost time hurts us much more than lost money. In the end, when we kick ourselves for choosing a bad movie, what we’re really lamenting is the two hours that passed in displeasure rather than enjoyment. Two hours that we would never get back.



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