Happy October!

My Awesome Life

My mom just randomly told me that we’re going to San Diego in about ten minutes, so this will be a super quick post. I cannot believe we’re down to the final three months of 2014. It’s stupid and I really should know better, but I keep expecting time to get tired, take a breather, and slow down at some point. But after 19 years and a half years, it’s still sprinting. Oh well, October is a beautiful month. Candies, pumpkins, costumes, ghosts. Let it all begin.

A year ago I spent October rushing to morning classes and strolling around the streets of NYC. This year I’m rolling around on my couch gaining calories watching weird shows on TV staring at my phone for hours at a time killing my eyes and wasting my fucking life away. And blogging. This may sound cheesy but getting into blogging has been my saving grace. It’s hard to take a semester off and stay at home when all of my friends are off to school and my parents are off to work. Blogging kind of gave me a sense of purpose. Makes me realize that these past couple months and the next few months will not be wasted. If someone had told me back in July that I would still be blogging regularly now, I would have laughed. I didn’t think I’d enjoy blogging this much, and I have no desire to stop anytime soon. So thanks everyone for following and reading my posts. It really means a lot. Have a great month!

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