Sleep It Off

Daily Prompts

Big Day Ahead

It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?

Literally. Sleep it off. Yeah, it’s a lot easier said than done, and to be honest, I often don’t sleep well at all before important events. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from dealing with big days, it’s that you can’t really escape nerves. They will be there no matter how well you’ve prepared for that occasion. Some people can handle it better than others, and on some days it’s just easier to handle. And I think that’s a good thing. Pressure’s a privilege. You know you’re doing something right when you have something to lose; the greater the risk of fucking up, the greater the reward, right? But back to the point: if you can’t get rid of nerves, it’s better to just stifle it. Forget about last-minute cramming or double-checking or whatever. Just turn the lights off, jump into bed, and close your eyes. I’ve always believed that if you haven’t figured out those little problems the day before, you’re not gonna figure them out before you fall sleep. It’s too late for that. Sleep is gonna be the hardest damn thing ever with all those thoughts swarming your head and your heart beating at a thousand bmp, but try anyway. Count to 5000. Listen to classical music. Pop a sleeping pill. Just do something and eventually you’ll feel exhausted enough to crash. That’s what I tell myself every night before a big event. It doesn’t always work but when it does it’s magic.


9 thoughts on “Sleep It Off

  1. Very true. Music always helps me too, especially classical. As for sleeping, counting till 5000 would never work for me, I just get annoyed and bored.

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  2. i have counted to 5000 so many times, it does not work always. in those moments i now count from 5000 backwards. that usually gets my ‘other chatter’ to disappear and then sleep is there before i even know.

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      1. I’ve read a few posts and I think based on that, that you’re in California??? There are definitely float centres in California. A quick google search “float tank + your city”.


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