Sleep is for the weak…when it comes to sports

My Awesome Life

It’s currently 5.46 a.m. I’ve been up for exactly an hour now, watching tennis and the EPL simultaneously. Djokovic is killing it in Beijing, Man U’s scraping by in Old Trafford, and I haven’t yawned once on my comfy old couch. I must have done this a million times by now – waking up in the wee hours of the morning after barely three hours of sleep to watch sports that I don’t even play. It’s one of my absolute favorite things to do, second only to sleeping and eating burgers. And every single time I wonder: why the fuck can’t I do this for school?? My earliest classes start at 9.30, five fucking hours later than the matches today, but I have to set my alarm three times and stare into my bright ass iPhone screen for an entire minute to keep my eyes open long enough to drag my ass out of bed. Torture of the severest degree. Kind of like being chained to a pole and having a gorgeous sexy juicy fat cheeseburger dangling just short of your reach. Fuck it’s been too long since my last burger. Anyhow, why is it so damn hard to wake up early for school, no, for anything other than sports?? Honestly, I don’t know the answer. I’ve tried telling myself that instead of going to classes, I’m actually off to see a tennis match or some shit. Nope, my sleeping brain ain’t that gullible. I think there has to be some freaky nerve cells in our sleeping brains that register excitement or dread or something and determine the mood in which we wake up. The human body is fucking weird. Or maybe it just reacts in strange ways for things we love. I’m sure early sleepers won’t have a problem staying awake to watch an overnight marathon of their favorite show, but pulling off an all-nighter cramming for a final might be the hardest thing ever. They say the body and mind are one; perhaps the body and heart are one too.

Chelsea vs. Arsenal has started. I guess that’s it for now. I’ll blog again later today.

4 thoughts on “Sleep is for the weak…when it comes to sports

      1. Lol well at least you’re lucky! I’ve spent 3 hours in tuition, and the rest of the day doing homework ugh! And now I’m still awake at almost 12am about to try and write my story before sleeping. I wish I could watch sports all day!


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