Six Hours of College

My Awesome Life

Yesterday I visited my friend Alyssa at UCI. It was the first time I walked onto a college campus since May, when I left NYU for summer break. It’s only been five months but it sure felt longer than a year. Seeing all these people and hearing all the excited chatter was a strange feeling. Kind of exhilarating and sweet and nostalgic all at once.

At around 5, Alyssa took me to a frat meeting. Maybe it was the familiar freezing air-conditioned room, or maybe it was the friendly inquiries about professors and majors and career goals…perhaps both, but either ways I felt like I was back in Washington Square Park, where I was exactly a year ago, where I am supposed to be right now: new and nervous and ready (kind of like a virgin about to be fucked to pieces. JK). When I found out four months ago that I had to skip fall semester of sophomore year, I wondered what I was going to miss the most about school. The freedom? Friends? Assignments and all-nighters? Or just NYC in general (a.k.a the food, the nightlife, the noise, the people)? As I sat in that cold ass room wondering why the fuck colleges have to amp up the AC so damn high, I realized that I just miss being a fish in the sea, invisible and engulfed by the thrill of it all. People sit next to you, walk by you, see you, maybe even say hi to you, but they don’t actually know you. We’re all part of the same little universe, sharing the same experience, but still we’re mysteries to each other. It was nice to experience that again, even just for six hours.

One thought on “Six Hours of College

  1. Yes I really don’t get why colleges be doing that. I go to a room like that twice a week. It seems fine but then I feel like my ass is in the arctic circle. I certainly feel extra lucky when I forget to bring my jacket.

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