Pen to Paper, Heart to Heart


One of the few things I miss about high school is note-taking. Good old-fashioned focused, furious, illegible scribbling. College is fantastic, but only a few professors require note-taking by hand; most of the time, we just take notes on our laptops (by take notes, I mean g-chatting and Facebook stalking). Homework assignments and five-plus-page papers are always printed, so the only times we actually got to “write” was during in-class midterms and finals. I haven’t needed a pencil case since sophomore year of high school, and God knows how long it’s been since I last used an eraser.

Ignoring the fact that it kills eyesight (because really, what the fuck are eyes worth, right?), writing on the computer just doesn’t have the intimacy of writing on paper. You don’t undergo the same physical and mental catharsis when you’re composing a difficult essay. And when it’s all done, you feel relived. Proud, even. But not really inspired or changed. Maybe part of the reason is that, with google and autocorrect, writing on the laptop is just too convenient. Too mainstream. Too wrong. To me writing and technology don’t harmonize very well. Creating an alternate world by hammering away at a panel of keys to just feels so inauthentic. It enlightens the mind but doesn’t quite reach the heart.

I miss the soft pressure on my fingers when the tip of my pen sinks into the paper. I miss flicking my wrist across the page slashing out wrongly spelled words. I miss the soreness between my joints after a long particularly long write.

Typing is easy. Writing is organic. Old is gold.


3 thoughts on “Pen to Paper, Heart to Heart

  1. I took a college math class on the computer last year, hated it. I NEED paper for math. I do like writing my papers on the computer, because I write alot and my hand cramps, but that’s about it. I’m very visual, so I like to write things on paper and associate them in my weird ways. But, that’s just me and that’s how I learn! 🙂

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    1. I can’t imagine doing maths on the computer. It’s hard enough to draw graphs on paper 😦 You’re right about writing on paper. It’s much easier and neater to type, but it’s nice to do a little work once in a while haha.


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