What Happened in Vegas

My Awesome Life

I hate doing updates on my stupid life because I realize how very dull it is, but I really have nothing interesting to blog about today…and since I’m doing that NaBloPoMo thing I feel kind of obligated to write something everyday, so please bear with me today.

Anyway, I went to Vegas with my parents last week for some weird business show. Actually, they went to some weird business show while I just slept till noon and walked around by myself like the loner I am. And it’s bizarre because Las Vegas is the embodiment of everything I loathe about a city, but somehow I absolutely love being there. I despise LA because it’s high on style and low on substance. Vegas is all sparkles and no jewel, like a Porsche with no engine or a bird that can’t fly (seriously, if I were a kiwi I’d always be wondering why I exist).

As I walked on the tourist-infested streets and through the smoke-infused casinos/hotel lobbies, I just couldn’t think of any reason why someone my age (a.k.a under 21 without a fake ID) would ever come to this place. Okay, the shows are pretty good but what the fuck are you supposed to do during the day? All around me I saw all these giddy Asian tourists posing next to fountains and palm trees and that fake Eiffel Tower with the same enthusiasm as if they were posing next to Snoop Lion or the Louvre or, you know, the real Eiffel Tower. It’s all just so freaking bizarre. I mean, you’re literally looking at a bunch of plants with the same degree of reverence as you would at the Buckingham Palace or something. And that’s why I fucking love this stupid place, because of the pride it takes in its own phoniness. Like, I know I make money off of people’s shallowness and ain’t nobody gonna stop me.

If a place that so blatantly exploits consumerism can garner even more tourist attention than places with fascinating historical and cultural backgrounds, then it really does deserve some kind of admiration.

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