Little Things

Musings/Rants, My Awesome Life

The first time my friend and I went grocery shopping in college was such an exhilarating experience. We went to this local Korean market with aisle after aisle of packaged food and sugary snacks that we ate everyday when we were kids. It was MSG heaven. As I stacked as many goodies as I could into my arms, I was bombarded by flashbacks of my childhood: mom rewarding Pocky sticks for doing my chores, teacher passing out lollipops on the last day of Kindergarden, fighting over the last choco pie with brother.

Then we grew up and those snacks vanished along with our cuteness. As we got older, cavity and obesity talks replaced candies and chocolates. Throughout middle school and high school, sugar became taboo and snacks became so rare in my household that I almost forgot about them until that day, when I saw them all neatly stacked on the shelf in front of me.

It’s funny to think that after all those years I’m back to where I started, exploiting my freedom and succumbing to temptation. It’s like all those years at home and all the lessons I’ve learned at school were just a long ass detour back to ground zero. After everything I’ve learned, I still grabbed those snacks with the same enthusiasm and recklessness as I would have done ten years ago. We’re aging and regressing at the same time, and maybe we’ll never change as much as we think we did. Life is full of these random little epiphanies.

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