Fucked Up

Relationships and Shit

Kids have sex in the park.

Did you know that? Allow me to clarify. By kids I mean high schoolers, maybe some college students and 8th graders (I hope not) too, and by the park I mean the park five minutes from my high school. The sex happens after sunset, for obvious reasons. How did I know this? Because who fucked who where and when is all you ever heard about during lunch breaks. Not entirely true, but people are quite vocal about their sex life, to their friends at least.

Now, before you start hating the Almighty for creating my generation (as I’ve been doing for the last 10 years), just try to understand our dilemma here. Imagine being 16 again, young and reckless, stacked with bursting hormones that you have no idea how to control. On the one hand, you have a relentless Entertainment industry that shamelessly glorifies casual sex, kinky sex, underage sex. On the other hand, you have this rigid, protective family (for Asians at least) that absolutely forbid you to fuck anyone under their watch because they don’t think you’re capable of correctly using a condom (which is quite true). Sex is apparently both liberating and sordid. Now you’re just confused. The world tells you to embrace your rebelliousness and free your damn hormones but the people who supposedly love the most won’t hear of it.

So what do you do? You have sex in the damn park. That way, you can please the world without pissing off your parents. It’s tough being a teenager, huh?


4 thoughts on “Fucked Up

  1. It’s actually not all that uncommon for even younger kids, say maybe early teens to go to the park. It’s not even uncommon for them to be having sex in their parents’ house.

    But you’re right in pointing out that a lot of these kids are exposed to a world of sex. Again, acting out as part of rebellion is another thing. It might also be because sexual abuse is more common than you think. Some dabble in casual sex as a way to exercise control (something they could not do when they were young). Some do it for other reasons.

    The point is though, hormones account for a very small part of the story.

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    1. I completely agree with you. There are certainly deeper and more complicated factors that contribute to the sexed up world today, and one post wouldn’t be enough to cover all of them. I just wanted to say that it’s a bit counterintuitive to be preaching about safe sex and abstinence in a culture that endorses sexual freedom.


  2. Back in my day people didn’t talk about having sex. They were talking about where they were going to fight and that was just a few years ago! Even my school had some issue regarding that but I never really heard meet me at so so so so so so. The ONE time that I saw pda was when I saw two people smooching (long kiss). Here’s the kicker…..they got married and long story short they got a kid. Ah. Young love, what would we do without it but could benefit so much without. XD

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