Day 3.

My Awesome Life

Truth is, I think I feel sicker with a healthy kidney than I ever did with two shitty ones. In fact, I think I feel sicker now than I ever have in my life. In eight years with two shitty kidneys, I’ve never been hospitalized longer than a day, never been bombarded with a dozen drugs a dozen times a day, never had to pee out of a tube, never had to lie still for more than 24 hours because it hurt too much to even turn to the side.

Yet science is still stubbornly telling me that I’m actually healthy for the first time in almost a decade. Urine’s clear. Blood pressure’s steady. Creatine’s normal. Phos, Potassium, Calcium levels. All normal. As awful as I may be feeling right now, my organs are apparently in Seventh Heaven. One thing I realized while I spent hours staring at the stupid white ceiling is that science knows the truth before our heads do, and that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.


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