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This is my one hundredth blog post. I honestly cannot believe I just typed that. My first two attempts at blogging ended after the initiation entry, so I didn’t have that much faith in myself when I created a WordPress account five months ago. But alas, here I am: a century of entries later and I’m still writing. I won’t lie and say that I’m still blogging with the same frenetic ardor as I did in July or August. As the novelty of starting a new activity fades, so do the enthusiasm and creativity to maintain that said activity. That’s not to say I’m tired of blogging, of course. I still love it, and reading comments from my fellow bloggers still makes my day. It’s just that now it takes me a lot longer to come up with new subjects to discuss and interesting stories to compose. But I guess challenges are what make blogging worthwhile, and I am happy that I managed to accomplish something in 2014.

I’ve never been one to make and stick by resolutions, but most of the goals I unofficially set 11 months ago were related to grades and internship and building a future (so cliche, I know). And since I’ve been at home for 7 of those 11 months, none of those resolutions were realized. I never did decide on my second major or score an internship or join new clubs or apply to study abroad programs. I spent the majority of 2014 lamenting on what could have been rather than achieving all I set out to do. But with only a week left of this particularly painful year, I find myself appreciating the lessons being idle taught me. Joining the blogosphere improved my writing more than any class I’ve ever taken. Being stuck in the house renewed my love for reading, which all but evaporated after two semesters of binge-reading textbooks I had little interest in. Finding something to do when you’re given nothing is just as rewarding as completing the work you’re given.

Enjoy the rest of 2014, everyone.


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