My sanctuary is the streets at night. Hectic intersections. A cacophony of sounds. Cabs everywhere, a sea of yellow. Shimmering orange dots illuminating the black sky. And people. So many people, gliding past one another like ghosts, never quite colliding.

Walking through those streets and absorbing those images always transport me into a totally foreign mental realm. It’s like nirvana or something. It doesn’t obliterate any of my fears or troubles, but it does put them all into perspective. Problems and feelings so complicated that I cringe to even think about suddenly become so simple and so clear. There’s something so liberating about being such a tiny, insignificant part of a busy, dazzling city – knowing that no matter how insurmountable your troubles may be, they’re still not important or serious enough to be recognized by anyone around you. For me, peaceful surroundings actually exacerbate foul moods. The more chaotic my surroundings are, the more organized my mind is. I like to beat fire with fire.


Chaotic Tranquility

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