The Heart Wants What it Wants

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I’m going to hate on chick flicks again. Because that’s what I do when I’m in a bad mood. Actually I’m not even in a particularly bad mood right now; I just want to piss on something, and dumb shit like chick flicks is such an easy target.

Anyhow, my friend and I had a discussion on feminism the other day, and it reminded me of just how fucking sexist chick flicks are. Your typical scenario: girl & boy fall in love, make plans to marry fuck buy a beautiful house have beautiful kids then, BOOM, life happens. Fate sinks its ugly claws into their perfect little love story because that’s what fate always does. So then comes the big fat misunderstanding that normal couples of the lowest intelligence can work out in five secs but somehow torpedoes their supposed unbreakable bond. The rest you can probably recite my heart: boy leaves, girl meets new boy, establishes new life, gets engaged then, BOOM, life happens again. Fate decides to fuck with her pretty little head by dropping her prince charming, whom she supposed got over years and years ago, back into her perfect new world.

Then the ultimate face-off:

At that point is would be absolutely ludicrous to not get back together with him because how can you reject Ryan fucking Gosling when his eyes are pouring into your soul that like?

But it’s totally okay to dump the other dude (the one who, mind you, have stood by your selfish, ungrateful ass all these years while your “soul mate” went MIA on you) at the altar because, hey, the heart wants what it wants, right? If pop culture’s taught us anything, it’s that nothing, not conscience or common sense or filial piety, is more important and more reliable than your gut. Fuck’s sake. I’m sorry, but what kind of fucked up message is that sending to young girls?? Go ahead, follow your fickle, shallow heart and shit all over whoever you decide is ultimately not right for you even if you’ve led him on for years and agreed to marry him. And you only feel bad at it for half a second because deep down you know that, as a member of the privileged female clan, you have the inviolable right to put your desires before the feelings of any other individual. As in, being an ungrateful, backstabbing damsel in distress is what’s expected of a woman. Was that a bit harsh? Yeah, well so is the way Hollywood keeps producing weak, despicable female leads.

Now if a guy were to pull the same shit on a girl, he’d be called an indecisive, insensitive asshole. I would know because that’s exactly what I called my friend’s ex boyfriend. The dumped girl would be painted as the victim, and the girl he went back to the home wrecker. And the whole movie a sexist, offensive piece of shit.

Did I already write a post like this? Probably. Oh well, I guess I’m just always salty.


3 thoughts on “The Heart Wants What it Wants

  1. It’s a testament to how well you argue your point and how excellent your writing is that you had me going oh no you didn’t! when you opened with hating on chick flicks but then had me completely on side by the end. You’re completely right and I actually never thought about it in those terms before. Thank you!

    (Also your new theme is excellent!) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I wasn’t sure if this theme would be as effective as the last one; I’m glad you like it. As tbh, chick flicks are kind of my guilty pleasure. I hate it but still watch it once in a while. It’s addictive like fast food. You regret if afterwards but it’s fun while you’re watching it.


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