The Boy

Bedtime Stories/Fiction

There once lived a fat boy named Ty,

Whose one true love was pie.

If he opened the fridge and found no pie,

He’d cry till he died.

Then cometh the day his parents left for Rome,

To find some relief from home.

They baked him a pie larger than his belly,

And swung it around his neck,

So he can nibble and chew his way

Through the fortnight while they were away.

But the boy was thicker than he was thick,

And only thought with his dick,

Because never did it occur to his fat little head,

That a circle had two halves.

So once he ate the half of the pie that’s hanging in front of his mouth (the only half that existed in his mind) he starved and died and that’s the end of this awful fucking poem.


That was my first attempt at writing poetry. I hope it was as flawless as it sounded to my ears.


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